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Introducing Our Bespoke AI Driven Newsletter Writing Service

User feedback is the foundation of modern digital product design, and we’ve been listening to our users. From integrating Mailchimp next, where you can send emails seamlessly to your Mailchimp lists, to editing your newsletters. Our focus in on user first. Always. So...

Is email marketing effective for me?

We often hear the question, ‘is email marketing effective for my products?’. The short answer is a resounding, bolded, caps-locked YES. Email marketing is direct, cheap, personal and measurable. The more interesting answer is ‘Yes, but only if you are smart about it.’...

Good email marketing can be done in minutes, not hours.

People spend very little time reading their emails. So what’s the key to drafting quick email campaigns? Short emails, with short sentences, written naturally. And if you’re sending a newsletter, we have a tool that will make sending newsletters super easy-

About Ludlow

Ludlow started off as a solution to our own problem. In 2016 we, over at SWARM, started sending out weekly newsletters that covered a series of topics relevant to our audience, they were artificial intelligence, machine learning, UX design trends, and other generally...